Civil Engineering Student

Abdullah Bin Masood

An ambitious Civil Engineering student studying at Istanbul Technical University & University

Having lived in 3 continents, I have repeatedly been exposed to new cultures and diverse groups of people. It allows me to adapt to changes quickly and gain a broader perspective. I’m a fast learner and adept at working across departments with communication and leadership skills together with teamwork. As a detail orientated person, I keep my goals and tasks organised to maintain productivity. My Favourite hobbies include Reading, Team Sports, Swimming, Cooking, and Socializing.

"Innovation is the key to the future, but basic research is the key to future innovation"

– Jerome Isaac Friedman, an American Nobel Prize physicist

Academic Works, Researches & Publications

A day in my life ft. Upkey

What it’s like to be working with Upkey. Huge thanks to Amir Badr (Insta: @amirupkey, @hello.upkey) and an amazing trainer, Ozge Sanko Ozcan (Insta: @ozgesanko)

Feel free to reach out to me on my insta @abdullahbm17

Video lesson – Magnetism 1st year University Level Course

In this lesson we talked about the discovery of magnetism, it’s field lines, strength, magnetic force on moving charges, centripetal force, helical motion, and the magnetic force on a uniform or non-uniform current-carrying conductor. We summed it up with a real life example of a compass and a wien filter

Research – The Potential & the Bright Future of Solar Energy

Thesis: Solar Energy holds significant current potential and a promising future that is going to revolutionise & innovate the 21st-century despite its limitations.

Presentation & Technical Report – Affordable Clean Energy 

Over the previous mid-20th Century, there has been an increasing interest in renewable alternatives to traditional non renewable sources due to the depletion of black gold.

Presentation & Technical Report – Engineering Failures

The failure and collapse of civil engineering structures in general and buildings in particular has become a very common phenomenon in last few years..

Article – Construction in the Antartic 

Technical and engineering challenges faced during the stages of design, construction, materials, and maintenance as well as legal, economic, environmental, and societal issues linked with building structures in Antarctica

Presentation – Media & its impact

American Media Culture and its impact on the youth. In this presentation, we look into the evolution of media, positive and negative impacts on the society

Presentation – American Advertisment Industry


SEPT 2021 – 2025

Bachelors in Civil Engineering / Istanbul Technical University

-Spring Dean’s High Honor List (GPA 3.72)

-Spring Dean’s High Honor List (GPA 3.59)

JAN 2019

A-level / Pearson Edexcel

– Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Chemistry(B)

OCT 2016

IGCSE / Cambridge Assessment International Education

– Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, English, Chemistry

Other Certificates/Test Scores

JUL 2022

TOEFL IBT  105/120

SEPT 2019

Pearson PTE-A  83/90



Istanbul&I, Istanbul / Blog Writer

Empowering youth to make a positive impact in their local communities and becoming a global network of change makers.


  • English 98% 98%
  • Urdu 90% 90%
  • Turkish 30% 30%
  • Arabic 30% 30%

Work Experience


Country Representative of Pakistan / Istanbul Technical University

Acting as a key contact between International Office staff and the international students. Supporting students as well as developing new ideas and concepts to enhance university experience for all. Assisting international offices with admissions and country specific queries as well as event management. I organized and led the Pakistani Stand at the ITU International Day 2021 with the participation of the Deputy Consul General of Pakistan in Istanbul, whom I invited to the event.

FEB 2019 – JULY 2019

Exam Invigilator / British Council, Riyadh

I administered A-Level & IGCSE Exams dealing with up to 150 Students in particular exam sitting involving identification and passports authentication, explaining test procedures, ensuring proper behavior during exams as well as preventing access to restricted areas to ensure exam integrity. I maintained an excellent attendance record, consistently arriving to work on time, and also took charge as acting assistant exam-center supervisor.

MAR 2017 – DEC 2018

Procurement & Operations Intern / 360Folio, Riyadh

Responsible for evaluating suppliers, products, and services, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that approved purchases are cost-efficient and of high quality. Preparing plans for the purchase of equipment, services, and supplies. Following and enforcing the company’s procurement policies and procedures. Maintaining and updating supplier information such as qualifications, delivery times, product ranges, etc. Maintaining good supplier relations and negotiating contracts.

2016 – PRESENT

A personal web-based nonprofit educational project. The site has surpassed 3.2 million-page views with more than 580,000 users since its launch. The website is aimed at assisting high school students in their International British Curriculum exams like GCSE, IGCSE, & A-Level exams. I also developed its companion android app and an online store. Aptitudes involved are web development, content addition, customer service, e-commerce management, and android development.


Extracurricular Activities

MARCH 2021

Accenture – Consultant Program 2021  

Handled a case study about an E-Health Digital Application facing negative press with numerous bugs and errors. We redesigned their UX which increased new registrations by 5 times and tripled successful appointment bookings. I concluded my work by recommending a mix of short-term and long-term initiatives that fit their budget.

FEB 2021

General Electric Explorer Human Resources Program  

I learned about constructive feedbacks, Lean Mindset, Data analytics, and assisted our C&B Specialist.

JAN 2021

Goldman Sachs Engineering Virtual Program  

I handled a small project about company X, where I cracked their leaked password database and investigated their password policy and hashing algorithm. I concluded my work with suggestions to their existing password policy as well as the use of fingerprints, Iris scans and OPT’s.

NOV 2020

BCG Strategy Consulting Program 2020  

Gained hands-on experience at solving Case Studies similar to those as handled by the Consultants at BCG.

NOV 2020

International Model United Nations 30.0  

Represented Turkey for UNDP. Gained a certificate recognized by UNDP, UNESCO & Australian Embassy in Vietnam and Thailand.


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